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Spent Nuclear Fuel Dry Storage Casks Market: Security Remains the Prime Concern

Press release   •   Sep 27, 2016 07:23 EDT

MarketResearchReports.Biz presents this most up-to-date research on " Spent Nuclear Fuel Dry Storage Casks, Update 2016 - Global Market Size, Market Volume, Market Share and Key Country Analysis to 2020 " has announced the addition of an updated report on the global spent nuclear fuel (SNF) dry storage casks market. The report, titled “Spent Nuclear Fuel Dry Storage Casks – Global Market Size, Market Volume, Market Share and Key Country Analysis to 2020,” has been updated for the year 2016 with added details on the market’s present state. It also includes with a thorough analysis of the global and regional markets, drivers, restraints, and government policies governing the market in various countries.

The initial part of the report, which targets the pulse of the market from the period of 2010 to 2020, overviews the overall market before describing the two types of storage - wet pool storage and dry cask storage as well as advantages of the latter over the former. The report then overviews the global nuclear power market including installed capacity and generation, volume, market size, and key manufacturers and their share in the global market.

The key factors fueling the spent nuclear fuel dry storage cask market are the increased global nuclear power generation capacity (for wet pool storage) and low maintenance cost of such storage casks. The prime restraint that affects the SNF dry storage cask market is the public concern related to potential harm that nuclear material can lead to in their vicinity. Local governments don’t always welcome such storage facilities.

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Moreover, there are other concerns limiting the overall development of market, including a lack of definite disposal methods but none bigger than security concerns at nuclear fuel plants from an accidental fire or explosions. In fact, potential terrorist attack or a plane crash has become the prime factor for added security since the 9/11 coordinated terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center complex, New York City, U.S. After the event, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission issued orders to plant operators to take appropriate safety measures. Robust emergency exit plans are now mandatory for all spent nuclear fuel dry storage facilities.

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12 countries across the globe are considered to be some of the most prominent markets in SNF dry storage cask, including the U.S., U.K., Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Belgium, China, Japan, India, and South Korea. This report focuses on each of them independently, highlighting their generation capacity, volume, market size, and most importantly – government policies and regulations.

The goal of the report, with exclusive figures such as the number of casks in each country and their market share as well as size, is to improve the reader’s decision making by providing past and present data on the market size of spent nuclear fuel dry storage casks. The report has gone through extensive primary and secondary research, and aims at helping the readers build effective strategies based on developments in the field and policy changes by different governments. With the vast data in the report, it helps the reader identify key partners, identify new business avenues and tracking the movements of other major competitors.