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Press Release   •   Aug 15, 2015 09:46 EDT

As summer begins to come to a close, thoughts begin turning towards cooler weather, football and the holiday season. It also means that it's time to start thinking about maintaining and shutting down your automatic sprinkler system.

Sprinkler Repair Guy is the leadingOrange County sprinkler repairandMission Viejo sprinkler repairservice. They provide you with all of the services you need to ensure that your automatic irrigation system will operate perfectly next spring. And fall is the perfect time to call and schedule a maintenance appointment with Sprinkler Repair Guy before Old Man Winter sets in.

"Routine maintenance of your automatic irrigation system is the key to ensuring its longevity," says Sprinkler Repair Guy. "The idea is to identify and repair potential troublespots before they can become catastrophic failures. This allows you to make minor repairs over a period of time rather than having to make a huge investment in major repairs or even potential replacement of your entire system."

It is common for the moving parts of an automatic irrigation system to wear out over time. Sprinkler nozzles, drip irrigation emitters, valves and even backflow valves have a tendency to wear out after repeated use. And, piping can begin to become brittle and crack, allowing water to seep out of the system, reducing water pressure and compromising the function of the entire system. By regularly inspecting the system, homeowners can replace faulty or worn elements and make necessary repairs while the defects are small and the costs manageable. Otherwise, allowing the system to continue to operate while compromised has the potential to cause significantly more damage that will cost exponentially more to repair.

Most experts recommend that you inspect your automatic sprinkler system at least annually, although many suggest that having the system inspected during the spring startup phase as well as during the fall shutdown phase is ideal. Sprinkler Repair Guy is ready and able to handle your inspection and shut down tasks this fall as well as many other sprinkler related services. They have the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure that your automatic irrigation system will provide you with ongoing benefits long into the future.

Whether you have an existing Orange County sprinkler repair or would like to discuss the benefits of having an inspection to determine whether or not you need a Mission Viejo sprinkler repair service, visit http://www.sprinklerrepairguy.com/locations/orange-county/. Or, you can contact them via phone at 1-800-479-8161 and speak to a friendly, knowledgeable sprinkler repair technician today. Either way, you'll be glad you did.

Sprinkler Repair Guy can deliver quality, yet affordable Orange County sprinkler repair and Mission Viejo sprinkler repair services. Call or click today to learn more.