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StabiliZR™ Dampened Movement Performance Exceeds Leading Competitor

Press Release   •   Sep 16, 2010 10:48 EDT

Toronto, Ontario - Winters Instruments subjected the PPS Series pressure gauge and Ashcroft’s 1279 Duragauge with PLUS! dampened movement to a 20,000 times cycle test and a 16-hour heat test. The test results determined that the PPS Series gauge had better pressure reading accuracy compared to the Ashcroft gauge after the tests. It was found that the PPS Series was also more accurate prior to the testing.

The PPS Series gauge is Winters’ Process Gauge model with a special movement that counters the pulsation and vibration from equipment to produce smooth, flutterless pointer action, so that pressure indication can be easily read. This movement, known as the Winters StabiliZR™, effectively seals in a dampening compound over a modified pointer shaft with a cap. The design of the Ashcroft PLUS! movement, however, differs in its use of an uncapped sleeve to hold the dampening compound. The reduced performance in accuracy of the Ashcroft gauge may be  attributed to this design.

The Winters PPS Series and Ashcroft 1279 Duragauge are pressure gauges that are typically used in adverse conditions in the process industry. The accuracy of each gauge was measured at 5 reference points before and after the full range (0/100 psi) 20,000 times cycle test and heating (210°F / 100°C).

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