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Press Release   •   Nov 05, 2010 07:22 EDT

Step Stools MDY, 11.05.2010- A Folding Step Stool can be a really handy item to have in your home. Step Stools MDY offers folding step stools that can be used for a variety of tasks and then simply fold away when you have finished. Two-step folding step stool is an essential and convenient tool for those small jobs that are just out of reach. It provides wide, slip- resistant steps help control footing, and skid-resistant footpads ensure safety on almost any surface. Cleaning and storing are simple. Smooth, rounded frame is easy to clean and resists dents and rust. The top step gently lifts for easy folding, and there are no metal hinges to pinch fingers.

Step Stools MDY has the folding step stools are plastic or wooden and is of the highest quality. They are built to be used and they are built to last. Their step stools are products that you can feel good. Of course, you can begin by using Step Stools MDY folding stepping stools to get objects off a high shelves without straining or off shelves that you could not reach before. The same goes for children. For little people in a big world, these stepping stools can help them to safely reach bathroom sinks. In kitchen counters also it is useful for ladies to store things in high shelves. And anyone who needs help getting into a car or into bed will find this to be a helpful tool as well.

Rubbermaid Folding Step Stool stands upright on its own when folded. Its slim width takes up minimal storage space when not in use. It is resistant to rust and dents, and is easy to clean. The Rubbermaid Step Stool is made out of hard plastic with a rubber mat surface on top. The rubber mat is to make the area you stand on non skid so there is less chance of falling off it. This tool has been very handy. This step stool makes many jobs much easier and is really light to take with you from room to room.

Cosco Two Step Folding Step Stool gets outstanding strength and durability combined with ease of use. The sturdy tubular frame with engineering grade plastic features a wide stance with non-slip rubber tips on the legs and large stabilizing non-slip feet on back legs. The top platform step locks to prevent folding. Folds flat for easy storage. Cosco two step folding step stool is used to reach top cupboards, to hang Christmas decorations and to maintain hanging planters.

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