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Stop smoking tips: Give your Lungs a Break

Press Release   •   Feb 14, 2011 02:11 EST

Smoking is a habit that is very difficult to quit. A smoker knows they are addicted when they try stop but can’t be able. Even with the glaring healthy repercussions they are unable to break off from the habit. They know very well they are punishing their lungs which lead to lung cancer yet they can’t stop. The smoker may be banned from smoking in most locations, yet they will find a secluded place where they can smoke in peace. So, how does a person quit smoking?

A person may have tried all available means to stop smoking, yet within a short period they are back to the habit. Cigarettes and cigars contain the component nicotine plus other harmful chemicals which when they enter a smoker blood stream, stopping using them is almost impossible. For an individual to stop smoking, strong will power is needed. So when one decides to quit smoking, they should do wholeheartedly. Below are some few tips on how to stop the habit.

1. Cut back slowly by slowly. If a smoker tried to quit abruptly, they will find themselves back to the habit as quickly as they stopped.

2. Will yourself to stop smoking. A smoker may create a slogan to repeat whenever the urge to smoke come calling. They may stand in front of the mirror and repeat the mantra they created. It could some thing like this; “Smoking is a disgusting habit and I need to quit it”. Repeat this several times and before long you will find that you have cut the habit. Note that smoking is a disgusting disease like any other and it should be cut right at its roots.

3. Instead of smoking a real cigarette, find yourselves a plastic tube that resembles a cigarette and suck on it. Puff on the tube as if you are smoking a real cigarette. Instead of inhaling smoke, you are inhaling pure air. As you puff away on the air, keep repeating the mantra you created.

4. Don’t buy cigarettes. This means when the urge strikes, there won’t be any cigarette available to smoke. With time the smoker will outgrow the habit eventually.

5. Be determined. This is the mother of all. If you are determined to stop smoking, it will happen.

6. Manage your cigarette craving. Most craving last only five minutes and by the time the five minutes are over, the urge will have been gone.

Lastly, it is good to note that kicking any bad habit is usually hard enough, but with determination, every thing is possible. Use your will power positively and with time the habit will be gone.

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