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Strategic Focus Report - Green IT & Virtualization; Technology And Opportunities and Growth Drivers

Press Release   •   May 04, 2016 09:52 EDT

The report is titled ‘Strategic Focus Report - Green IT & Virtualization; Technology And Market Trends’ and presents a thorough overview of the increasing demand for green IT and virtualization services in the corporate world.

The report examines the innovation and emergence of green IT and virtualization, and the prospects it has over the coming years. Rising environmental awareness around the world has led to the emergence of green IT in the last decade, since the large-scale implementation of ICT equipment in the corporate sector has emerged as a significant contributor to the environmental problems faced by this generation. Steady support for environment-friendly technologies from several government bodies will lead to the progress of the green IT market in the coming years.

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The market for virtualization technologies, on the other hand, is growing due to the fragile state of the global economy at present. Virtualization technologies allow companies to cut costs on several components of the business ecosystem, such as operating systems and memory units. As a result, they are growing in popularity in the corporate world. Virtualization systems also help streamline business operations, which will lead to a steady growth in their demand in the coming years, benefiting both existing and upcoming ICT providers. As virtualization progresses past its technologically nascent stage at present, a high number of new companies will look to exploit it to bring about an increase in efficiency and thus improve profit margins.

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Mergers and acquisitions are the order of the day in the virtualization market at present, with consolidation emerging as a sure way of establishing market dominance. The virtualization market is being driven by the fact that virtualization ensures optimum usage of all available IT resources. However, overuse of virtual servers, particularly when a sufficient number of storage devices are not available, can lead to a drop in available storage space. This conversely becomes an issue for storage admins, which can hold the virtualization market back in the current technological climate.

The report on the virtualization and green IT fields describes the latest trends dominating the global market, the key vendors and their historical and projected performance, and the historical and projected development of the market size of green IT and virtualization. In matters of the competitive landscape of the green IT and virtualization market, the report deals with the top 5 vendors operating in the global green IT and virtualization market in great detail, affording competitors and new entrants a look into their successful strategies and other financial and business details.

The segment-wise overview of the green IT and virtualization market given in the report will help established players and new entrants alike figure out which tactics to implement for the greatest profit margin.