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Sun Laboratories Has The Best Self-Tanning Products

Press release   •   Jun 02, 2011 00:35 EDT

We at Sun laboratories have a solution for every type of skin. We analyze your skin type and recommend the right type of solution for it. We also provide our clients with free samples of our lotions that can be used to know their real effect. We adopt various methods of sun tanning like the tanning pills, tanning lotions, air brushing, and so on. If you need suntan instantly, you can always rely on the range of products from Sun Laboratories. You will get a suntan that is radiant and healthy. We also have self-tanning lotions and designers tanning lotions.
If you are interested in getting a darker tan, we have the right solution for you. Our display accelerator helps get a deeper tan. To get that radiant and sun-kissed effect on your skin, you can use our airbrush tanning kit. It’s a simple and easy-to-use kit. This kit gives you an instant tan and is so compact that you can carry it wherever you go.
Many people have come up with the complaint of the tan not lasting long. Now, a new range of products from the Sun Laboratories will help you retain the tan for longer period. We have a range of products like the sensual gel, exfoliating scrub, and sponge. These will promote a fake bake instantly and will help you extend the life of your tan. So, you don’t have to apply tan very often. We also have tan maintainer which makes your skin look younger and helps in peeling off the sun-damaged skin without ruining your sunless tan. By making use of the natural ingredients like aloe vera, we have developed a gel that heals and soothes your damaged skin.
Sun Laboratories has been in the field of sunless tanning since 1983. Our years of experience in this field have enabled us to satisfy our clients. All our range of products is available at very reasonable rates. We make use of advanced technology to create our exclusive range of products. Both beauty and health aspects are considered by our experts in Sun Laboratories. All the ingredients used by Sun Laboratories are dermatologically tested and are safe for human skin.
To get the radiant and sun-kissed skin all year round, just choose from the wide range of Sun Laboratories products. You will get the desired effects with no side effects. For any further information, feel free to visit us at