Sun Labs Creates an Overnight Tan without the Sun

Press release   •   Mar 15, 2015 13:14 EDT

Chatsworth, California, the home of Sun Laboratories, Inc. Has been operating as the first professional and most successful self tanning products company for over 30 years. Gisela Hunter had a clear vision of creating a sunless tanning product that would produce a natural looking tan and would be a safe alternative to tanning beds and the effects of the sun. Family owned and operated; since Ms. Hunter first created the company in 1983 Sun Laboratories continues to look for new and inspired ways of developing skin products that are sought out by both the professional community and private customers. Offering a variety of products for all different skin types from the fair to medium skin tone on through the dark skin toned people looking to go even darker. It is guaranteed that Sun Laboratories will have the sunless tanning products needed to suit almost every person's desired tanning level. The difference between these products and a natural tan is that these self tanning products are the safe alternative to the harmful effects of the sun. For instance… lying out in the sun or sitting in a tanning bed will dry and burn your skin. Thus taking away the vital moisture it needs to keep you looking young and healthy. So instead of drying your skin out these sunless tanning products put moisture back into your skin and will keep you looking your best and with a great tan. For those looking to wake up with a great tan the very next day Sun Labs has developed what promises to be an overnight sensation. There are tanning products that include foams, lotions and even creams that are available in a variety of their three shades of sunless tanning formulas. These shades van go from medium to dark and even very dark overnight. No matter which shade you choose these products are promising to work to turn your skin darker to give you a natural looking tan within a matter of hours. Just in time for the holidays, Sun Laboratories is offering specials online for all of their skin care products. These online discounts are low enough that they can range from 25-90% off the retail price, or $10 on up to just over $90 in savings. The greatest markdowns this holiday season are coming from there overnight products but even within their teeth whitening and oral care products there are discounts that will have you smiling with pearly white teeth. So for those looking to find a safer alternative to tanning beds, sunless tanning products are a perfect solution to all of your self tanning needs this winter. Sun Laboratories, Inc. the industry leader in sunless tanning products available at http://www.sunlabsonline.com. Over 30 years of experience of developing self tanning products as safe alternatives without the harmful effects of the sun.

Just in time for the holiday season, Sun Laboratories is delivering specials aimed at almost every person looking to have a great tan even in the dead of winter.