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Press Release   •   Jun 01, 2017 22:25 EDT

Although Keith just swtor credits announced he might delay delivering the Swtor Roadmap 2017, we can learn what’s next from the Roadmap delivered on the last day of May, in which we can see major improvements in the rest of the year and Summer of Swtor 2017 Game Updates. And it’s necessary to buy cheap Swtor Credits,

Deliver Operations continuously
As a fundamental change this year, Swtor will offer a new Boss encounter every few months instead of until the end of the year or for an expansion. And you can expect to fight with Esne and Aivela in July.
Besides, in the near future you can get a platinum quality item by defeating certain bosses in Veteran and Master modes.

Add fun activities to PvP and improve Class Balance Swtor
Swtor will add fun activities to improve PvP. And Swtor Season 8 will end in August in conjunction with Crisis on Umbara (Swtor Update 5.4).
Although it’s difficult to make a plan for future Class Balance changes, Swtor will start to carry out the changes in Sisters of Carnage (Swtor Update 5.3) and keep changing before they are satisfied with all the adjustments.
In order to improve use of your wide range of characters, Swtor plans to turn Unassembled Components into a Legacy currency, which make you play any of your characters when you get benefits across your whole Legacy.

Go on with the story and welcome old Companion
You can look forward to Crisis on Umbara in August, which is the next major story update. And it mainly features an excellent new Flashpoint on the shadowy planet.
You will see more old Companions return throughout the year. What is more, with the updates of the summer you can design some of your companions by yourself, which include Theron, Lana, Shae, Koth, and Senya.

The calendar for Summer of Swtor Game Updates
On June 13, you will experience Swtor 5.2.2 with Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event. And then in July you will fight with Sisters of Carnage in Swtor 5.3. Above all, there will be Crisis On Umbara with Swtor 5.4 in August.

What is more, there are great changes for Quality of Life Swtor and they will improve the ways to communicate with players. In addition, Swtor will continue to focus on massively multiplayer and group-based content.

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