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Press Release   •   Nov 13, 2010 22:45 EST

New Brunswick, NJ, 11/14/2010 - Cloud hosting is a process also can be termed as Internet-based computing. In this technological process, software, shared resources and necessary information are provided to computers and other devices are provided on demand. Cloud hosting or Cloud Computing provides a new utilization, enhancement and delivery model for IT services that are stored on the Internet. It characteristically engages over-the-Internet stipulation of animatedly virtualized resources. Vmware hosting is a feature that is provided by Vmwarehosted.com, which is a global leader in cloud infrastructure. Vmwarehosted.com helps coordinating an organization’s evolution process towards cloud hosting and at the same preserving the already existing IT investments. This in turn effectively enables ample service delivery with full control.

VMwarehosted.com has been quite triumphant in its journey and has proven itself to be an efficient VMware hosting provider. Till date, the company has numerous partners across the globe and their customer database count is increasing monthly. VMwarehosted.com, which is a VMware Service Provider Partner or VSPP provides to its customers belonging to various industries features such as Managed IT Services, IaaS Cloud Hosting and Virtualization. The well trained and certified staff of VmwareHosted.com confidently leads customers through successful implementation and integration of cloud computing. It also analyses and monitors the cloud environment of its clients. Routine tasks are also managed.

Customers that embrace the variable cost model that cloud computing provides no longer suffer from the worries of resource allocation and expansion that come with traditional hardware deployments. A majority of Vmwarehosted.com’s cloud computing offerings utilize a value computing model that is quite similar to the process of utilization of Public utility services (Pay per use). Clouds often appear with single points of access depending on the needs of the customer. VMwarehosted.com also provides various virtualization consulting offers to their valued customers.

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Vmwarehosted.com is a Vmware Service Provider Partner (VSPP). It is a pioneer in cloud infrastructure. Apart from providing cloud computing, VmwareHosted.com has also many other sectors such as virtualization of business infrastructure, Vmware hosting, Vmware dedicated virtual desktops, managed IT Services, and much more. For more information, visit: www.vmwarehosted.com

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