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Supermarkets to Enjoy Custom Affordable Database Design Offer from SQL Server Consultant SQLXL.COM

Press Release   •   Feb 11, 2013 12:50 EST

Ottawa, Ontario

SQLXL.COM has launched a custom database design offer for supermarkets which features a world-class database design solution at low business-friendly rates. SQLXL.COM is a SQL server consultant providing relational database design (design and build of corporate databases and database-centered business applications) and SQL tuning of existing client databases to improve scalability and performance.

Supermarkets are extensive – not just in terms of staff or the scale, quantity and diversity of the products they offer, but also in terms of their data needs. There is an extremely large scale of data processing required at supermarkets to maintain product databases, sales databases, reporting engines, daily staff timestamps, security and surveillance records, as well as internal HR database systems and Intranet/mail subsystem (if available), among others.

This calls for a custom solution that must take all these aspects of the integral data processing work into account and ensure that they form a portal or system that provides access to such services as required and in a secure and private way. Projects of this nature tend to be very expensive especially because of the scale and complexity of the development.

This is why SQLXL.COM, as a seasoned SQL Server Consultant is providing a custom offer that lowers costs dramatically for supermarkets while ensuring the highest possible performance.

“Supermarkets have amazingly large-scale data needs – from sales and products databases to inventory, HR, intranet, mail subsystem, admin and security, there is simply a lot of data generated that needs to be stored as reliably and accurately as possible and accessed as quickly as possible. At SQLXL.COM, we are database experts that understand the data needs of supermarkets, and that’s why we’re offering our custom database design offer to help them realize world-class database solutions at affordable rates,” said a company representative.

As a SQL Server Consultant, SQLXL specializes in the design and build of new SQL databases and delivery of SQL database-centered applications for business clients in various industries. SQLXL also undertakes expert tuning of clients' existing SQL databases and SQL servers to detect and rectify performance bottlenecks as well as to correct errors in their SQL databases which may be causing inaccurate data, poor productivity and delayed information retrieval, among other issues.

Please contact SQLXL for a free consultation. Call 1 613 822 1997 or send an email to to get started.


SQLXL is a division of DTH Software Inc. SQLXL has been actively working with Microsoft® SQL Server since 1998, and is a SQL server consultant specializing in the design and build of database-centric applications for businesses in the private and public sector as well as the tuning of existing SQL databases to improve scalability and performance.

As a Certified Master on Experts Exchange, SQLXL is a regular contributor to the MSSQL zone of EXPERTS-EXCHANGE.COM.