Supernatural Snowboarding Competition gets Super Shazam-enabled on NBC as part of Red Bull Signature Series

Press release   •   Mar 22, 2012 10:09 EDT

Nelson, B.C., Canada – March 22, 2012 – Fans watching NBC’s stunning two-hour snowboarding competition Red Bull Supernatural on Saturday, March 31 at 1 pm ET/10 am PT can use the Shazam App to tag the show for exclusive Contour point-of-view footage from the eyes of the world’s most progressive riders.  As part of the Red Bull Signature Series, this show brings the best of snowboarding to a national TV audience and harnesses the power of Shazam, the world’s leading media discovery app.

By Shazam-enabling Red Bull Supernatural, a national TV audience will unlock and share dream runs, jaw-dropping landings and buttery transitions from the best mountain shredders in the world.  Viewers activate the Shazam App with a single touch of a button on their mobile or tablet devices to automatically identify the in-show sounds and instantly unlock the exploits of the riders.  Once the Shazam App identifies the audio of Red Bull Supernatural on NBC, fans can also connect to related social media to enhance the overall experience of watching the best snowboarders in the world.

Watch a preview of how the Shazam App will come to life on the show and Shazam a Red Bull Supernatural trailer now to gain access to a never-before-seen Contour point-of-view clip.

There will be both verbal and visual prompts during NBC’s Red Bull Supernatural broadcast to encourage people to use Shazam and get access to exclusive Contour point-of-view footage from select competitors, including Travis Rice and John Jackson, who will also be encouraging their fans to use Shazam during the show via their social networks. Follow the Red Bull Signature Series on Facebook and Twitter (hash tag: #SigSeries); and Red Bull Supernatural at #supernatural.

The brainchild of snowboarding icon Travis Rice, Red Bull Supernatural is a first-of-its-kind backcountry competition designed to showcase the skills of the best all-around riders on the planet.  Over 100 man-made features were built on the slope over the summer, so that once snow fell, a series of tree-line features, jumps and drops emerged creating the ultimate backcountry run.

Supernatural is part of the Red Bull Signature Series – made up of 35 hours of one-of-a-kind programming on NBC and NBC Sports all year long.  Red Bull Media House and Alli Sports, a division of the NBC Sports Group, are building the most progressive and innovative snowboarding, mountain biking, freestyle motocross, ice cross downhill, skiing and BMX events, showcased on custom courses from the inspiration of the athletes themselves.  Go to for web videos, photo galleries and see more of the action that makes up the Red Bull Signature Series.

Shazam includes unlimited tagging in the apps on Android and iOS devices and makes it easy for people to share their discoveries with their friends on Facebook using the Shazam Friends feature.  For people who don't yet have the Shazam application on their smartphone, it is available for every major platform and can be found on iTunes App StoreGoogle playAmazon App Store, AT&T’s AppCenterVerizon VCast app storeNokia StoreWindows Phone MarketplaceBlackBerry App World, and GetJar.

Upcoming Red Bull Signature Series programming includes:

Rahlves Banzai Tour (March 27 at 9:30 pm PT/12:30 am ET on NBC Sports Network): Premier big mountain free skiing meets skier/boarder-cross in this event created by Daron Rahlves.  Lake Tahoe hosts this head-to-head race where skiers compete four at a time down a wide open course over natural terrain and snow conditions.  This is the ultimate test of skiing and riding skills.

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