Suunto Vector HR Dark Green Digital SS018730000 Watch

Press Release   •   May 27, 2016 01:14 EDT

Suunto WatchesAs a leading designer and manufacturer of precision, time-measuring digital sports instruments, Suunto is a big name in the world of diving, sailing, mountaineering, hiking and skiing and golf. Suunto watches also make for excellent training equipments for all levels. They make analyze your current performance thoroughly and help you move easy on the road to improvement.

Their intuitive design and accuracy are known far and wide! They are highly dependable precision equipment combining the best possible combinations between aesthetics and functionality. Anyone interested in sport-specific computers or athletics should; therefore, check out the Suunto Vector HR Dark Green Digital SS018730000 Watch.

The Suunto Vector HR; however, is for the peak performers; there’s nothing amateurish or recreational about it. It’s for the times when you are already on the mountains, on a mission or just training. Its ABC combination of altimeter, barometer and compass (electronic) keep track of the weather trends at certain directions and heights while the heart rate (HR) monitor helps you determine the ideal speed of climbing. Making decisions is a lot of responsibility when vertical outdoors are concerned.

The display of the Suunto Vector HR Dark Green Digital SS018730000 Watch is a large one; crisp and easy-to-read. The entire face displays detailed training information, which proves its primary function as a rugged sports training tool! Besides, it tells time.

The SS018730000 is designed for peak mountaineering performance; to peak your mountaineering performance. Whether you're already a pro or training hard to get there, you’ll always need the altimeter, barometer and a compass. Alongside - a heart-rate monitor! You get all the three within one single package, plus one!

The Suunto Vector HR Dark Green Digital SS018730000 Watch might also prove a good pick for those into indoor training schedules (weight, aerobics, breathing), joggers and walkers. Also, those with a weak heart will find it useful and that’s more than setting alarm for the med times. For, along with external conditions, internals matter too!

That’s where the Vector HR comes through. Setting heart-rate zone alarms lets you know when the heart rate climbs faster or slower than you are and helps you in making necessary arrangements. This objective measures of exertion come useful irrespective of long hikes or short, intense bursts of activities and alerts you against overtraining by noting your morning HR.

Suunto also puts a bit of its brain in designing the comfort belt. Choosing a soft, textile materials and decking them up with unique traction strips, the band of the Suunto Vector HR Dark Green Digital SS018730000 Watch holds to its place, no matter what comes. You will not need to over-tighten, again.

So whether you are nearly 30,000 feet above the sea-level or pumping some serious iron, make use of the log-book (an automatic 24-hour memory) to store the heart-rate, the directions, altitude and barometric fluctuations for future use at critical moments.

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