Biorev holds a workshop to inform consumers of the virtues of Yoga.

Press Release   •   Jan 05, 2016 02:23 EST

January 5, 2016: Svastha- recently held a workshop informing people of the positive aspects of Yoga and the correct techniques of doing Yoga exercises especially the ‘Asanas’ that need to be done in order to realize the true benefits of Yoga over other forms of physical training.

This workshop was carried out over a two day event that was hosted at a leading hotel in Melbourne. The workshop was attended by some of the most well known Glitterati and Page 3 personalities of the city. All present were some well known film stars to symbolise the importance of Yoga in their lives.

The highlight of the workshop was the live performance by famous Yoga gurus who performed difficult yoga ‘Asanas’ and clarified questions of the guests related to posture and breathing. There were 5 Yoga gurus at the workshop and all of them were qualified and certified Yoga gurus who had several years of experience with them in Yoga training and teaching. All these gurus are very famous and have a very huge fan following in different cities of Australia and Thailand.

Talking to press people on this day Ms. Nina, the main and most experienced trainer at Svastha- "Looking at the number of visitors that turned up at the workshop we can easily say that the workshop was a success. The feedback that we have for from our visitors is excellent. Excellent because they were able to meet the Yoga gurus face to face and were able to clarify their doubts and questions related to posture and breathing. We are sure that everyone who came to the workshop had some takeaways. Another positive development of the workshop was that the visitors were able to network with each other and establish a relationship with other like- minded people.”

As per reliable sources within Svastha- the management was overall very happy at the outcome of the workshop and chances are that in most probability Svastha- would be organizing such a workshop again in the near future. Although an exact time-table with confirmed dates has not yet been established, it is expected that there will be at least one workshop taking place per each quarter of the year. That means four workshops in one year.

About runs classes in new age yoga that is based on the ancient practice of Ayurveda. This practice is known as Svastha Yoga and the chief instructor of this form of Yoga is Nina. Nina has established thought leadership in yoga by conducting 300 hour yoga training camps for teachers known as “Jungleyoga”. Svastha Yoga is her own brainchild and uses a combination of new and old techniques of Yoga and by practicing this practitioners are able to experience enhanced alertness and appreciation of both mind and body. The main part of the yoga revolves around the usage of breath and intention to experience the beauty of yoga. The techniques involved include playful asana, pranayama, meditation and visualisation. Nina focuses balancing strength and intention with flexibility and growth in self-awareness and self-exploration.