Swedish company Alcosystems launches iBAC – a

Press Release   •   Feb 16, 2011 19:26 EST

Swedish company Alcosystems launches iBAC – a wireless alcometer for smartphones

The iBAC wireless alcometer for smartphones will soon be available on the market. It will be launched at the Mobile World Congress, the world’s biggest mobile trade fair at Barcelona, starting on 14 February.

iBAC is a Swedish alcometer for testing exhaled breath. With its minimal size, precise measurement results and ability to connect to large computer systems, it offers secure, discreet and cost-effective alcohol checks. There has been great interest in the iBAC during the entire period of its development and the product will now be launched on the market at the Mobile World Congress 2011.

The iBAC exhaled breath alcometer can connect wirelessly to smartphones, handheld computers and laptops, giving its user a detailed measurement result. Over the link, the information for every exhalation instance can be integrated in larger computer systems. iBAC can be used wherever an active check of alcohol consumption is needed for safety or personal reasons, for example in the transport industry and in rehabilitation care.

iBAC collaborates closely with Stockholm County Council on developing more effective dependency care at a lower cost. Currently, regular alcohol tests are carried out on patients undergoing a rehabilitation programme. 

“With iBAC, any number of tests can be done at irregular times and with greater cost-efficiency. Thanks to the mobile link and the software, every exhalation test can also be integrated with and processed in the computer systems of the care institution,” says Miguel Arias, CEO of iBAC Alcosystems.

Alcosystems are also collaborating with private ambulance company Samariten Ambulans AB, which carries out alcohol tests on its drivers for safety reasons. Because conventional alcolocks can suffer technical problems which prevent ambulances from starting, Samariten Ambulans has chosen iBAC for greater operational safety.

iBAC consists of a discreet sampling unit which measures the alcohol content of the exhaled air in milligrams per litre, and software for mobiles and computers which calculates analyses and displays the measurement result. iBAC also has a web portal for support, information, FAQs and software updates.


For further information, please contact:

Miguel Arias, CEO of iBAC Alcosystems
+46 73 324 61 21




Alcosystems provides a solution - a small fuel cell based breathalyzer with a high quality, connected to a mobile solution. The breathalyzer is certified by the Swedish institute MHF