Swift Polling

Swift Polling Launches a New Feature to Make Your Q&A Sessions More Interactive

Press release   •   Mar 12, 2018 09:09 EDT

A Q&A session can make or break your presentation. It can be fun, stressful and even scary. There’s nothing more embarrassing than asking for questions or feedback and being met with a sea of silence from your audience. But a lively and engaging Q&A session can make a huge difference in how your audience perceives you and what impression your presentation makes.

Swift Polling by ExciteM, a real-time web and SMS polling tool, has launched a new feature to help you make your Q&A sessions the most interactive and memorable part of your presentations. 

Now your attendees don’t need to raise hands, come to the microphone and overcome the stress of asking questions in front of other people. All they need is to text their questions and feedback to the phone number attached to your Swift account. Moreover, participants can send their questions throughout the presentation so that they don’t have to keep their concerns in mind till you get to answering them. As people send their messages, you’ll receive them in real-time and will have a list of questions when the Q&A time rolls in. You can also moderate the questions right from your dashboard before they go live.

The open-ended question feature is perfect for getting everyone in your audience involved in the discussion - especially those who feel uncomfortable to stand up and ask their questions out loud. 

Swift Polling is a real-time polling tool used in meetings, presentations, classrooms and many more. It allows you to created real-time polls, surveys and open-ended questions, collect and manage the results in real-time and spark instant engagement in your audience.