Swtor2credits big Summer Promo: 50,000k Swtor Credits Giveaway on June 23

Press release   •   Jun 09, 2015 05:26 EDT

Swtor patch 3.3 is still in schedule, which will continuously bring new features after the addition of new Yavin Stronghold and new Togruta race. So have you been ready for the more playable game? Swtor2credits second summer promotion is around the corner, which will offer 50,000k free swtor credits! Join in us to snap up some for your upcoming challenges!

Details about 50,000k Swtor Credits Giveaway

The first summer promotion on Swtor2cedits with Extra 5% Bonus for Cheap Swtor Credits is still in full swing, while the second one is coming soon, providing you a chance of getting some gains without pains.

1. You can partake in our promo activity on Swtor2credits Summer Promo Page.

2. There will be 50 portions of 1,000k credits, meaning that total 50,000k swtor credits are to give away.

3. The activity will begin on June 23 at 3:00 am GMT.

4. Everyone is only allowed to get one portion of 1,000K credits. Also note that it is available for both swtor2credits members and non-members.

5. After the giveaway activity finishes, our customer service will begin delivery according to the order list.

Fast delivery guaranteed for 1,000k Swtor Credits

There will be many customers join in our activity when it begins, but Swtor2credits promises to deliver the credits to you as soon as possible. We will always guarantee fast delivery since there are a sufficient number of cheap swtor credits on Swtor2credits, so you can just note the time and snap up one as quickly as you can when it begins! And make sure to fill in the right email address and character name to reach faster delivery.

In addition to first promotion with 5% bonus and the above second promotion with free giveaway, there will be also continuous extra surprises renewed on Swtor2credits Facebook, so just stay tuned and seize the moment to gain cheap swtor credits for smoothing your adventure!

Dear swtor fans,Time to join swtor2credits hot summer sales!

Part1:Free 5% bonus swtor credits is waiting for you from 5.25-6.30.2015 !

Part2:Welcome to join swtor2credits free 50000K swtor credits giveaway on June 23 at 3:00 am GMT.

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