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Press Release   •   Oct 21, 2016 04:53 EDT

The overview of the new Galactic Command in SWTOR has been released for a few days, with the upcoming gear progression. Here are the pros and cons of RNG gear progression in Knights of the Eternal Throne.

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Pros: Set bonus, easy gear loot & buying gear for credits

1. Players will still be able to buy gear from vendors (for swtor credits cheap instead of data crystals) while leveling up and crafters will now be able to craft the most powerful gear in the game.
2. Leveling up the Galactic Command rank will award players a loot box with (random) gear. And best of all, Galactic Command experience is easy to be earned by doing any in-game content, from story chapters, heroic missions, to nightmare operations.
3. The set bonus is given out even with the first Command Crate you receive at Command Rank 1.
4. Players under level 70 and in an Operation can still loot gear from the bosses as they did before.

Cons: subscriber-only, RNG lootboxes & weekly cap to CXP

1. The new method of gear progression will entirely replace the existing system in SWTOR. Gear progression is tied to RNG lootboxes totally.
2. RNG loot boxes potentially resurrect the issue of duplicates, like issue of Battlemaster (PvP) bags. The current system worked, particularly for raiders. Currently, if someone in a raid is missing a piece of gear from their set and that piece drops, he can roll on it. This helps get guild members geared up faster and gear up replacement raid members if a member quits or drops out. In the new system, each raid member would have to depend on RNG to fill out their sets. It looks like a step backwards.
3. There will be a weekly cap to CXP. This cap is not being put in place to halt or slow progression in any way, but take effects on bugs or exploit to gain CXP in an unintended way.
4. Galactic Command is subscriber-only.

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