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Buy cheap swtor credits at swtor2credits No Confirmation Needed! If you buy swtor credits now, 10% free bonus for you with 8% discount code - SW2NOKF. Rise of the Hutt Cartel was disconcerting at first; instead of featuring class-specific stories it had a single quest line for each faction. These stories were good and focused, without piles of distracting requests. You needed to play both sides to have a real understanding of what happened on Makeb. But at the same time, it felt strange that the personal stories for each class that drove us through vanilla SWTOR were left out of the expansion. We’d gone from being a unique hero to a Generic Republic/Empire Hero.

Shadow of Revan, the second paid expansion, was released this month and it definitely fits the mould of “what are forum people asking for” content. Revan had always been a sideshow in SWTOR as the subject of a pair of mid-level dungeons, one for each faction. But his fate had been ambiguous. Revan has long been beloved as the hero of Knights of the Old Republic and had been the subject of a Drew Karpyshyn novel that bridged the gap between KOTOR and SWTOR. So Revan had to be be dealt with.

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Shadow of Revan regressed even further from the status quo of vanilla SWTOR. It features a single questline for everyone, regardless of faction — though dialogue scenes will vary depending on which side you’re on, and there is a single short quest in the middle unique to each class. (Sadly, the two I’ve played thus far feel more like postscripts to the now-defunct class stories than a meaningful continuation of them.)

The story of Revan ends up feeling like a prologue rather than its own self-contained thing. This bit of plot seems intended to draw us back into the main thrust of the war. That’s interesting, because players who had reached level 50 in the game have been dealing with one tangent after another such as the Hutts or rogue Sith such as the Dread Masters, who had been part of the endgame raid progression prior to Shadow of Revan. This expansion serves to reset the board, but in such a way that once it was over felt as if we had played a very long teaser for whatever Bioware has coming next.

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