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Systematic and Nature-Friendly Electronic Recycling with Green IT Disposal

Press release   •   Apr 08, 2013 02:47 EDT

Electronic wastes produced from domestic and corporate establishments around the world amount to tons of hazardous scraps annually. Lack of proper disposal of these items has given birth to health and environmental crisis over the years. Waking the residents of the UK up to the consciousness of the requirement of proper disposal of e-wastes, Green IT Disposal has brought effective and customized disposal and computer recycling solutions. In a time when disposal service has become a mean of making money for businesses, Green IT Disposal offers free services to both companies and single users.

The company carries out IT disposal for companies located in different parts of the UK, taking over the entire process, right from collection to transportation. Lately, the company has tied alliance with PAD Logistics in order to ensure that transportation of the disposed items is done smoothly and eco-consciously so that the corporate responsibilities are fully met. With the help of its transportation partner, the company is able to offer machinated disposal services with the use of specialised equipments like cranes, pallets, crates, etc. In cases of computer and laptop recycling services, Green IT offers complete security for stored data that are passed along with the hardware.

Before the hard disk or the memory of an electronic device is sent for reselling, an array of sequential steps are taken in order to make sure that every trace of data stored in the memory has been deleted permanently. When Green IT takes charge of recycling or disposing electronic junk, the security of all sensitive data is assured and guaranteed. To be fully sure, the company installs the disposal vans with GPS systems so that they can be tracked at any time. This enables last-minute decommissioning of consignments or change of routes, etc. Green IT makes the job of computer recycling and disposal times easier by offering collection services right from any point.

Aside, the company also offers auditing service so that companies can keep an itemized record of what they have sent out and tally them with the amount of money they are getting paid back for all the items.

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Green IT Disposal is a UK based IT disposal services provider. It provides free IT waste management services like computer disposal, laptop disposal and more.