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Tabarak Investment Capital and Elite Capital & Co. Limited in discussion to finance projects in Sri Lanka and Maldives

Press Release   •   Oct 14, 2016 16:42 EDT

London, UK (AGENCIES) Oct 14, 2016 — Information Department at Elite Capital & Co. Limited (“ECC”) announced today that two separate discussions are currently on-going between Elite Capital & Co. and their Strategic Partner Tabarak Investment Capital Limited “Investment Bank” (Dubai - UAE) with Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and Republic of Maldives.

Elite Capital & Co. is a private limited company that provides project related services including Management, Consultancy and Funding, particularly for large infrastructure and commercial projects.

A senior delegation from Tabarak represented by its CEO, Dr. Mohamed Ahmadi and ECC represented by its President, Mr. George Matharu and Projects Supervisor, Mr. Albert Lin travelled and met with high-ranking Government officials of the Sri Lanka and Maldives respectfully, in an attempt to discuss the possibility of providing loans for Infrastructure projects. “The meetings were very fruitful” Mr. Matharu said.

Tabarak is a client focused organization which subscribes to the set of core values including accountability, integrity, respect, teamwork, urgency, loyalty, creativity and pursuit of excellence. We attribute our steady growth to increasing levels of client satisfaction. Also, Tabarak supports its clients to expand and improve their Global Wealth Management and Trading business by providing expert services through a proven and secure platform.

Mr. George Matharu and Dr. Mohamed Ahmadi concluded their statement by saying “We are excited about these opportunities and cementing our business relationship”.

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Elite Capital & Co. Limited is a private limited company that provides project related services including Management, Consultancy and Funding, particularly for large infrastructure and commercial projects.

Elite Capital & Co. Limited has its head office in London (UK), with our Board Members, Staff and Agents being located across the Middle East, Asia and Europe. We have multi lingual staff to ensure that we can accommodate all of our client’s needs.

Elite Capital & Co. Limited offers a wealth of experience in Banking & Financial transactions and has a range of specialized advisory services for private, SME or corporate clients.

When required we can also customize and structure our products and services to meet the specific needs of our clients. We will continue to customize, structure, create and implement funding products and services as the need requires.

Elite Capital & Co. Limited has made strategic alliances with several organizations and companies which have given us access to international markets in Asia, Africa, Middle East and GCC regions. This has given Elite Capital & Co. a substantial foundation of clients to build on, in addition to access to the markets that are most in need of the products and services we offer.

The aim of Elite Capital & Co. Limited is to facilitate the commencement and completion of Infrastructure projects, stimulate economy, create employment and combat poverty.

Types of Project
Our services are suitable for all types of Infrastructure Projects in either Greenfield (Pre Operations Stage) or Brownfield (Operations Stage) including but not limited to Sea Ports, Airports, Railway, Bridges, Roads and Highways, Water and Sanitation Utilities, Energy, Communications, Hospitals, Schools and Social Infrastructure etc. This includes other projects or activities that impact positively on the relevant country’s basic infrastructure including the manufacturing of components used in infrastructure (such as cement and steel) and infrastructure associated with mining and agribusiness.

Size of Project
Minimum of USD 10M (United States Dollars Ten Million) and upwards.

Loan to Value
Up to 100% of project financing required.

Up to 15 years for the design, build and finance component and up to 30 years for the ongoing operation component.

Projects can be either BOOT (Build, Own, Operate, Transfer) BOO (Build Own Operate), BOT (Build Own Transfer), BTO (Build, Transfer, Own), BT (Build Transfer), BLT (Build, Lease, Transfer), BRT (Build, Rent, Transfer) or PPP (Public Private Partnership).

All countries can be considered. Countries currently engaged in war or politically unstable environments or sanctioned countries will not be suitable. All projects must adhere to local and international environmental, health, safety and social standards as required.

Suitable for
Privately held projects, Public & Private Infrastructure Operators, National & Local Governments, NGOs and Financial Institutions.

Funding Collateral
Commercial Bank Instruments; Bank Guarantees, Bonds, Medium Term Notes, or other Bank Debt Instruments issued by banks rated ‘BB+’ or better, but this can be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Sovereign Guarantee; Elite Capital & Co. Limited is able to facilitate funding for Government and Infrastructure Projects against a Sovereign Guarantee subject to the Sovereign Guarantee being ratified by the relevant authorities and departments, namely the Central Bank and Ministry of Finance in the respective countries. In some cases the Sovereign Guarantee may need to be confirmed by a Commercial Bank.

Resource Guarantee; The option is available to fund projects against a Resource Guarantee such as an Oil Guarantee or any other significant and valuable minerals or resources that the country has may also be considered.

Promissory Notes; Corporate Promissory Notes endorsed by a commercial bank can be useful if the project has bankable assets that can be used for leverage financing.