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Tactics for Perfectly Handwritten Direct Marketing

Press Release   •   Dec 28, 2015 07:06 EST

Written MailRemember the effort to make to make your handwriting look good and to form coherent grammatically correct sentences? Those were the days right? Well guess what; behavioural scientists inform us that there is something quaint and magical about handwritten letters that makes them attractive not just to folks born in the pre-70's but also to the younger generation.

Type a letter in your computer (or device) and print – there's something aseptic about it; very mechanical and unworthy of attention. Now handwrite a small letter and keep it besides the printed letter and compare the two. Your eyes automatically choose and select the handwritten letter right? That folks, is why handwritten direct marketing gets a much better response than mass, digitally typed and printed letters.

Now that we've understood the allure of handwritten letters in direct marketing, let’s move to the tactics of writing the perfect handwritten direct marketing letter.

Tip # 1 – Understand the purpose. How you frame and write the letter will depend on the purpose of the direct marketing.

Tip # 2 – Spend some time concocting a hard-hitting, catchy, arresting subject line. This is ultra-important because if the subject line is lame, the letter whether handwritten or not is likely to be just glanced over and discarded. So, make sure you have the subject line right – run it past a few friends or colleagues.

Tip # 3 – Keep the content short! Sad but true, people don't have time to read long worded letters. Plan the content and spare some thought for every line in your handwritten direct marketing letter. But remember, short does not mean confusing. You can even add “(call us for details)” to any line that requires some explanation.

Tip # 4 – Innovate! Your handwritten direct mail marketing letter need not even follow the usual format of address, subject and content; it can instead look like a quick written note. Here's an example of an amazingly successful handwritten direct marketing letter:

“Hi Allan,
We've managed to lay our hands on 4 amazing and well maintained vintage Ferrari cars and will be displaying them this Sunday at the Rockefeller Centre.

Hope you can make it.

Ps: 4 pictures enclosed”

The letter was inserted in a an envelope made from handmade paper and the address was handwritten. Nothing on the outside suggested it was a Handwritten Mail Marketing campaign. Even the letter itself is more in the nature of a personal note. Each was sent to select high net-worth individuals in the State and individuals known to invest in vintage cars.

Solomon Davies is a seasoned Real Estate sales man who has mastered the art of using hand written direct marketing to significantly increase lead generation .