Tattoo Cosmetics Offering Free Shipping and New Product Guaranteed to Cover Tattoos

Press release   •   May 18, 2012 08:23 EDT

Tattoo Cosmetics is pleased to announce two new additional services to its company line up. The first is the company is now offering free shipping on all of its products. The second addition to Tattoo Cosmetics is a new formula that is guaranteed to cover your tattoo for a wedding, work, or any other occasion.

In these tough economic times, consumers not only want to save money but they need to save money. Tattoo Cosmetics appreciates this and is now offering its customers free shipping within the United States. While Tattoo Cosmetics understands that these savings might only amount to a few dollars, these are dollars that they want you to keep in your pocket. This is just one more way that the company is able to say Thank You to its many valued customers.

Tattoo Cosmetics is also offering its new formula which is guaranteed to cover your tattoo for a wedding, work, or other event. This new formula is available for all skin tones and colors and has seen phenomenal success. Their Premier Package is, in fact, the world's best selling tattoo cover-up kit on the market today. And for good reasons.

The Tattoo Cosmetics Premier Package comes with everything that you need to cover up your tattoo for a wedding, special date, job interview, etc. The truth is there are occasions when individuals, men and women, want to cover up their artwork. In the past, this was a difficult task to pull off with any real results that made the area look natural. Those days are gone now. The new Tattoo Cosmetic make up kit can cover tattoos, birthmarks, and even dermal pigmentation. The product is available in five skin tones, one of which will match your skin tone.

Applying the Tattoo Cosmetics product is easy, too. It only takes a few simple steps to cover your tattoo for your wedding or other occasion. It begins by cleaning the area. This is followed by patting on the Tattoo Cover Makeup using the sponge applicator. Users then apply the setting powder and finally protect the area by using the barrier spray.

For those who may be wondering if the products really work, the answer is yes. This is backed up by a no-nonsense guarantee that states that is a user is not completely happy with the product Tattoo Cosmetics will refund their money. You can't beat that kind of guarantee anywhere.

The company maintains a website which includes a page where interested in purchasing the package can select the skin tone that best resembles their own. If you happen to choose the wrong skin tone and are not satisfied with the results you get, contact Tattoo Cosmetics via email and they will send you another shade free of charge and do so within 24 hours.

To learn more about Tattoo Cosmetics and how you can effectively cover your tattoo for a wedding, interview, hot date or any other occasion, simply visit their site where complete information is available.

Visit this site to learn more about Tattoo Cosmetics and their guaranteed products that can cover your tattoo for a wedding, date or other occasion.