CreativeWorks Systems, Inc. Launching Phone System Support Photo Gallery

Press release   •   Feb 26, 2014 18:36 EST

Bay Shore, NY

Leading telephone systems provider is launching a new photo gallery to help users manage their systems more efficiently. The online community will be able to use the photo gallery as a DIY guide to make the most of their business phone systems. As well as being able to solve the most common issues.

The new photo gallery will feature tips for maintenance, installation, usage and update options. The idea is to give the users a visual explanation of the procedures, in order to help those who are not familiar with the terminology or prefer to see what any managing process should look like.

First time users can also benefit from the visual references. Those who have not yet used business phone systems may not understand the navigation system at first try. But through photos, they can follow step by step instructions to set the feature they are looking for.

The photo gallery will be based on the frequently asked questions the company receives. But it will also include suggestions from to all telephony users. This tool will provide users with the opportunity to use all features on their systems, even the ones they ignored existed. has announced that this will not be an exclusive service to existing customers. The photo gallery will be open to the online community with no purchase commitment. Telephony enthusiasts and more conservative users considering a business phone system acquisition can browse the gallery to make well informed decisions.

The telephone system provider takes one step ahead in the telecom game by offering a free service to current and potential customers. Which gives them the competitive advantage of active customer service policies as added value to their products.

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