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Press release   •   Jun 09, 2011 10:28 EDT

On the Internet nowadays you find so many stuff, information, news, etc. about Tennis players. Most of it is about the current Tennis gods like Nadal, Federer, you name it... But what happened to the Tennis stars of the past? We all know now that there is already for years the Senior Tennis Tour where retired pro players like McEnroe, Wilander, Edberg, Courier, Lendl and many others play on a regular basis in tournaments against each other. Many Tennis lovers come to watch those matches between the ‘oldies’. You will be surprised how many fans still talk about them! Those days were fun and lots of entertainment: McEnroe always upset with the referee, people like Illie Nastase joking around all the time, the charisma of Bjorn Borg. Tennis became very commercial and players are almost without emotions. It’s a bit more boring now if you ask me.

Social places like Facebook are full with Tennis fans displaying pictures, videos, etc. of the legends from the past. Also all the ex-pros themselves have their own fan page telling fans what they do nowadays, pictures of their personal life, when they will play on the senior tour, etc. Fans like to be attached to those kind of things! Thousands of fans visit those pages. For bloggers, especially the ones who know the game and play Tennis themselves, it's lots of fun to write about Tennis gods from the past and current, supporting the Tennis Stories with nice pictures, videos, etc.

Tennis was hot thirty years ago and became even more popular today with the Internet as medium!

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