The Acidon network -From idea to reality

Press Release   •   Feb 19, 2010 07:27 EST

The future of Acidon is bright, from being a small group of IT-entrepreneurs to becoming a large structure of entrepreneurs, researchers and consultants. The goal for the entrepreneurs at Acidon is to become number one in information processing and monitoring services.

- The building of the Acidon corporate network has been done in stages during the last years. Planning and setting up preferences for working with highly temporary, constantly developing material and structures is always a challenge, says Erik Gustafsson, Chief Communications Officer at Acidon.

Now the Acidon network is available to customers and clients, and the services and solutions units have been developing unique methods and innovative structures to be able to handle a wide range of target groups.

- The entrepreneurs initially involved with Acidon are coming out of different fields, with a mutual background in IT-business. From the beginning many of us were based in Kista in Sweden, says Gustafsson.

The network has expanded to a global network with sources and co-partners around the globe. A global network that Acidon recognizes to be essential for all companies striving for excellence, within information processing and business monitoring services.

Acidon is a rapidly growing developer of IT-solutions and network services. A professional and Swedish based provider of telecommunication systems and software improvements. It is a consumer led business, sensitive to consumers involvement with technology and communications globally. Acidon is developing progressive solutions for an expanding global market. For more information see:


Editor contact:
Erik Gustafsson
Chief Communications Officer