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The Banjo Player released

Press Release   •   Oct 25, 2010 03:53 EDT

A Wall Street banker cashes-in on his considerable investments ahead of a global financial crisis, which few saw coming. Within a few months he has given away most of his fortune and moved to a sleepy seaside town in West Africa, leading a simple life. A few years later, he dies in what appears to be an innocuous boating accident. But is his death connected to things happening several thousand miles away? The Banjo Player thrusts you into the volatile place where big oil, the environment, political ambition, big money, espionage and cyberspace collide. Will the tectonic plates of things as we know them shift forever? In a world where any sense of individualism is steadily being eroded in an inexorable drift towards Überveillance – is there a place for ‘the little guy'? Welcome to a fast-paced montage of plots and sub-plots that will keep you guessing to the very end. Welcome to a suspense-thriller that truly resonates in the times that we now live in. You will ask – is this fact or fiction? If you can figure it all out, then you deserve to be The Banjo Player.

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