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The best way to find the Best Penny Stocks Newsletter

Press release   •   Aug 09, 2013 07:00 EDT

penny stocksThere are three things you need to check out or understand while choosing the best penny stocks newsletter. These three things are:

1. Online Penny stocks related forums - an excellent place where users will readily inform you as to the penny stock newsletter they subscribe to and whether they found it useful.

2. Sample penny stocks newsletter - always check out the sample.

3. Understand that listing out the Penny stock to invest in is no easy job. It takes lots of personnel and many hundreds of man-hours to investigate and come up with a list of best penny stocks for the week. This takes money - lots of it. Anyone offering you a FREE best penny stocks newsletter has got to be joking! There are enough clowns in the penny stock market and frankly, you don't need one in your inbox messing up profits.

The online forums

If you find a user who consistently provides good tips, you can bet he or she has the best penny stocks newsletter to make them up. Be friends; find out which penny stock newsletter he or she is subscribing to – it's the best way to find the best penny stocks newsletter.

Warning: An online forum can also be a dangerous place full of people who prop up a scrip and then induce you to buy it. Always spend a couple of weeks watching in silence. The real nuggets will show themselves gradually. These are not bombastic people and will offer information only if asked.

The Sample Newsletter

If you come across a likely Free Penny stock newsletter or even if it has been recommended to you, always first download a sample. Once you have the sample penny stocks newsletter at hand, randomly select a handful of stocks and check them out thoroughly. Evaluate for yourself whether or not it is worth investing in it. Check out your own sources and rely less on packaged stuff put out by the company or some magazine. Remember magazines rely on advertisements for profits. In turn all magazines offer to host 'soft' interviews or run articles on some service or product that the business in question is trying to prop up. Therefore always attempt to cross check anything that is put out.

You may not agree with all the advice that is put out in the sample Penny stock newsletter you've downloaded but if you do agree with 80% or more, then in all probability, you've found your best penny stocks newsletter.

The FREE Meal

There is none! Any online site that offers a so called best Penny stock newsletter for FREE is taking money from the brokers or the scrip owners. As we mentioned earlier, it takes a lot of research, time and money to create a penny stocks newsletter. Why would anyone want to give it for free?

Jeff Mirkin has been trading penny stocks for 12 years and is an expert in microcap securities.