The European Xylene Market is estimated to grow to a value of $3,686.9 million by 2018

Press release   •   Mar 05, 2015 14:49 EST

The European Xylene Market report defines and segments the concerned market in Europe with analysis and forecast of revenue. This market is estimated to grow to a value of $3,686.9 million by 2018 at a CAGR of 6.3% from 2013 to 2018.

Browse through the TOC of the European Xylene Market report to get an idea of the in-depth analysis provided. It also provides a glimpse of the segmentation in the market, and is supported by various tables and figures.

Xylene is an aromatic hydrocarbon widely used in industrial and medical technology as a solvent. It is a colorless, sweet-smelling liquid or gas occurring naturally in petroleum, coal, and wood tar. It is a mixture of three different isomers i.e., meta-xylene, ortho-xylene, and para-xylene. These are major petrochemicals produced by catalytic reforming and also by coal carbonation in the manufacture of coke fuel. The global demand for xylene has been growing sharply over the last decade as a result of increased demand from end-user industries.

The European region is the third-largest market for xylene and is growing at a lower CAGR as compared with other regions. The xylene market witnessed great fluctuations in last few years as it is used in highly cyclical applications. Production of xylene is primarily associated with petrochemical and coal industries, with most being produced by the catalytic reforming of naphtha, a derivative of crude oil fractional. The petrochemical industry in Europe is driving the overall demand for xylene in European countries. The prices of downstream derivatives have also decreased in the last decade, which has indirectly generated higher demand for xylenes

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The bottle industry is has been growing in recent years, and increased quality of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a derivative of xylene, has made it a viable alternative to traditional plastic materials. PET is becoming important in foodstuff, cosmetics, and the pharmaceutical industry as well. The pharmaceutical industry will experience a huge growth in Europe, which will further increase the demand for PET; this will ultimately increase the demand for xylene and its derivatives in the region.

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The report covers the European xylene market which is segmented on the basis of sub-markets, applications, and geography. In the European region, major applications of xylene include dimethyl terephthalate (DMT), isophthalic acid, phthalic anhydride, solvents, and terephthalic acid.

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