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The FTTdp: The Opportunities For Deployment

Press Release   •   Aug 09, 2015 06:49 EDT

New copper-based broadband technologies, such as, have prompted a debate about a new architecture for FTTx networks based on small remote nodes delivering gigabit speeds on established copper drops. Based on real case studies, this report assesses whether continuing improvements in copper technology make this necessary, and assesses where there might still be a case for this new architecture, and what the relative costs of full FTTP are.

This strategy report assesses:

the potential for operators to offer speeds beyond those possible with VDSL vectoring from existing cabinet locations

the impact that SuperVector/Vplus and technology developments will have on the market for FTTdp

the costs that operators will face when rolling out FTTdp and how these costs compare with FTTH and FTTC deployment architecture

the circumstances under which, and in which countries, FTTdp has the greatest prospects for deployment

the overall market opportunity for FTTdp deployments.

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