The future of FIFA 16

Press Release   •   Sep 19, 2015 22:06 EDT

FIFA 16 could be the 1st ever FIFA game since FIFA 08 that i won't buy.

I use to go on this forum alot in the days of FIFA 13, FIFA 14 and 1st 2 months of FIFA 15 as some of you might remember that i posted career mode updates on here in FIFA 13, FIFA 14 and FIFA 15(i done only one career mode and that was in September/October time with Man UTD).

And im the past 10 months i have stopped playing FIFA pretty much all togather(i have a played FIFA(only kick of matches) a few times this year), i see no reason to buy Fifa 16 coins when it comes, haven't got no interest in buying it, i just not interested in playing FIFA anymore and all so i have stopped watching FIFA Youtubers like MGH, TheMasterBucks and lots more completely.

To be honest i really really had really big big plans for FIFA and there are lots of clubs(small and big clubs) that i wanted to managed on career mode but that seems that gone out of the window now, a shame but hey that's life...

And i don't really go this forum much now today i think it is the 1st time this year i logged in to my account on here but it's been a least well over 6/7 months.

I just wanted to let you FIFA players on here know that i am not playing FIFA anymore and it is unlikely that i won't go back to playing FIFA again but who knows i might start playing FIFA and get interested in playing FIFA again but that is a slim chance of that happening, But you never know.

Anyway fut16coin has had a great time playing FIFA(mainly career mode) and i really hope you lots on here are still enjoying playing FIFA especially the good old career mode!

And i was just wondering are you going to buy FIFA 16?? and What do you think FIFA 16 this year?? Looking forward to be playing FIFA 16?