The Global Diabetic Footwear Market is currently valued at around USD 15044 Million during 2015-2021

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Diabetes is a prolonged medical condition, which is caused by low levels of insulin in the body. A person suffering from diabetes is more prone to develop wounds, ulcers or lack of sensation in any part of his body, particularly in his feet. Diabetic/therapeutic shoes have evolved as a medical revolution as it aids in preventing the feet of a diabetic person from developing any injuries or wounds with the help of its unique design and therapeutic properties.

The global market of diabetic footwear is currently valued at around USD 15044 Million and is anticipated to flourish at a healthy compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.27% during the forecast period i.e. 2015-2021.

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Topics Covered in this report:

Scope and Regional Forecast of the Diabetic Footwear Market:

The global diabetic/therapeutic footwear market would majorly be driven by the rising prevalence of diabetes (in 20-79 years of age group) in the world. Apart from rising prevalence of diabetes, rise in spending on diabetes treatment is yet another major growth driver of the diabetic footwear market. The global spending on diabetes is projected to expand from USD 936 Billion in 2015 to USD 1,128 Billion by 2021. This rise in spending would definitely help the global diabetic footwear market in the coming 8-10 years of time.

Regionally, Asia Pacific region is anticipated to witness the highest growth in the diabetic footwear market, with China being the largest market in the region followed by India during the forecast period i.e. 2015-2021. Growth in the aging population, strengthening economic condition, better GDP figures and increase in the per capita income are some of the major factors that would escalate the demand of diabetic footwear in the Asia Pacific region.

The global diabetic footwear market is segmented on the basis of demography, which depicts that women have higher tendency to purchase the diabetic footwear than men. Owing to this tendency, the female diabetic footwear (68% share in 2014), occupies the largest market of diabetic footwear across the globe. However, owing to an increase in the total number of male diabetic patients in comparison to female diabetic patients in the world, there is a greater need of male diabetic footwear in the future.

In addition to demography, the market is also segmented by inpatients and outpatients and by retail distribution. The retail distribution is further segmented into on-line and off-line retail out of which, the on-line distribution channel is anticipated to have the largest share by 2021. The major reason behind the growth of e-commerce channels can be attributed to rising penetration of smartphones and high speed internet services like 3G and 4G in the world.

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Some of the major key players of the global diabetic footwear market.

  • DARCO International
  • Ortho Europe
  • Duna Srl
  • DJ Global
  • Hong Kong Grace Shoes
  • Drew Shoe Corporation
  • Podartis Srl

In contrast, lack of awareness regarding proper feet care in diabetic patients and lack of knowledge in terms of use of diabetic footwear is one of the major obstacles that hinder the growth of the diabetic footwear market across the globe.

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