4me Group

The Lead Tool brings Big Data to the Building Materials Industry

Press release   •   Nov 30, 2016 13:13 EST

Lead Tool is an innovator in bringing modern sales processes and tools to the building products industry through technology, enabling its users the ability to deliver the best customer experience for today’s modern customer.

– Sales isn’t about relationships, it’s about providing insight, which provides value. If you provide value, you earn the right to a relationship, says Chase Shiels, co-founder and CEO of 4me Group, the company behind Lead Tool.

The cloud based & mobile platform immediately puts cutting edge data intelligence tools into the hands of businesses who want to stay competitive in an increasingly data driven world, as well as offering relevant analytics and insights on a state of the art platform to be used for business strategy.

Lead Tool transforms how maximum value is extracted from information within an organization. It enriches leads and prospects where a user may have very limited information about a person, such as only an email address or a phone number, by automatically adding additional actionable data. This can include variables like a person’s interests as well as their social media presence.

From an advertising perspective, it enables users of the platform to allocate their marketing efforts to channels where their current customer base is actively spending time, what their interests are and what social media platforms they are on. Lead Tool Data Intelligence can provide detailed answers to those questions based simply on business’s existing customer base.

– For new sales, this helps you provide better insight and more value faster. For repeat customers, with whom you have a relationship, it helps you stay current to make sure you’re providing the right insight. It’s all a value game. The best part is that this is only the beginning, Shiels continues.

4me Group is a Cincinnati-based provider of sales enablement software, founded by successful lumberyard operators & technologists.