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The Master Ceramist: Jason Kim

Press Release   •   Jan 21, 2016 13:11 EST

Jason Kim, Certified Dental Technician ( is widely revered as a top provider of sparkling smiles for many major influencers and celebrities, making him the man behind some of the most recognizable grins in the world. A renowned ceramist, Kim’s experience over the decades has taught him the importance of implementing artistry that is perfectly blended with the aspirations of each patient. He is celebrated by Manhattan’s most prestigious dentists for his work in ceramics, creating each tooth by hand for his high profile clientele. As the owner of Jason J. Kim Oral Design NY, located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, he specializes in full mouth reconstruction and combination cases involving dental implants, crowns, bridges, and veneers.

“My goal is to give each patient what he or she wants. I customize each and every set of teeth so they specifically suit the individual I’m working with,” states Certified Dental Technician, Jason Kim. “I take facial features and personality into careful consideration when working to create the most natural smile possible.”

Kim’s ability to perfect the art of ceramics led him to create The Master Ceramist, a book that focuses on style and beauty within the dental industry and how it influences current beauty trends. Kim is at the forefront of ever changing aesthetic ideals and is considered a beauty consultant to those looking for help on how to create their perfect smile. His book gives commentary to the different styles that have come into the world of oral design and how that has led to his work on many of the smiles you now see on the red carpet and how that in turn influences the trends seen in everyday life. His unprecedented talent and expertise has led him to invent a revolutionary product known to the world as PreNewPreView® - a groundbreaking technology that allows the patient to “test drive” their new smiles, giving them the unique opportunity to see their smile makeover before making the final decision on how to move forward with this life changing procedure. Thanks to the ingenuity of PreNewPreView®, dentists can show patients their new smiles before proceeding with the restorative work. And it's a simple and painless procedure.

“To be a true pioneer in the field of ceramics you cannot rely on art alone,” continues Kim. “Science and a keen understanding of the patient's experience are necessary as well. I strive to combine my artistic eye with the goals of the patient to create a Hollywood-worthy smile that will inspire confidence.”

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About Jason Kim

Jason Kim, CDT is the man behind some of the most recognizable smiles. Dubbed "The Picasso of his field" by Departures Magazine, Kim has been featured in beauty exposes by W magazine, The New York Times as well as The CBS Morning News, which follow the art of creating the perfect smile. From movie and TV screens, to Broadway and music stages, he is responsible for countless celebrity teeth. But Kim isn't the dentist who simply inserts these perfect smiles; instead he is the master ceramist who painstakingly creates each tooth by hand. He is in essence the artist who paints the perfect picture for some of the most publicized looks. With several laboratories that span from NYC to Dubai, Kim has been developing groundbreaking techniques in dental ceramics for more than 20 years and has become the favorite ceramist of Manhattan’s most prestigious dentists catering to clients of the highest profile.