The reason for wow Keeps Prosperity after A Decade of Development and 10% off wow gold here

Press Release   •   Dec 30, 2015 02:55 EST

During the past ten years, we have witnessed countless online games died out, some of them once flourished, and some were a flash in the pan. World of Warcraft is still remaining attractive. Wow gold buyers might ask why the game can keep prosperity in the changeable world after 10-year process. Broadly speaking, that could owe to its great influence to other games, and its own success.

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Wow changes genres for many other games

Different from Wolfenstein 3D and Herzog Zwei which create genres in the world, World of Warcraft is another kind of revolutionary game that changes genres and fundamentally alters the expectations of players and developers. WoW has shaped the MMO genre and made influence on a set of principles that define the gameplay through the next decade.
Inherited Warcraft’s look and tone, World of Warcraft has a complete history back-grounded time line, but it is divisive. World of Warcraft’s lore has the most characterful locations, Azeroth becomes one of the most detailed game spaces, and Blizzard’s talent has been adopted by many other games. You might have experienced an MMO where the character has some points to split across ‘trees’ based on their class. Its original talent system has been adopted wholesale – to the extent that Star Wars: The Old Republic uses it exactly as it was when World of Warcraft launched. And if you’ve ever played an MMO where rewards granted by completing quests, thank World of Warcraft, that notion was its most important innovations. Though not all of ideas in wow were original, they changed online MMOGs in combination.
Wow enabled many successes in the past 10 years

Apart from its great influence, the game itself has got many breakouts during the past 10 years. The Burning Crusade expansion brought flying mounts to let players conquer the skies; the addition of Achievements for the Wrath of the Lich King made the game more fresh, interesting and competitive; the Cataclysm expansion introduced Reforging into the game and changed the way players gear up their characters by allowing players to swap out undesirable gear stats for more useful ones in exchange for in-game currency; in Warlords of Draenor, people can get a plot of land to build a garrison on, and this serves as their own personal bank, auctioneer, herb garden or mine… People say that wow is beginning to go downhill. However, there is also a saying “A starved camel is bigger than a horse”. Wow still holds its leading position as the biggest MMO game.

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