The Righteous United

The Righteous United

Press Release   •   Jun 06, 2013 18:57 EDT


 Let's unite to fight intolerance.

To raise funding in the most transparent way possible, we have created the not-for-profit organisation, The Righteous United.

The Righteous United exists as a creative outlet. Through this outlet, we produce documentaries, films, music and other art forms. None of these productions are designed to raise money, they are designed to raise awareness of the hatred that exists in this world and educate people on subjects such as anti-Semitism, racism and homophobia.

Art is a very powerful tool, a tool that can be used to combat evil. Our productions are our tools.

By using our tools to create awareness, we are creating thoughts. Thoughts that become words. Words that become actions. Actions that become habits. Habits that form characters. What people think they become.

Our current project is the documentary, Hitler's Daughter. Hitler's Daughter tackles the subject of anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe. It is the finger that points on something embarrassing, the spotlight on something that is usually in the shadows. 

With Hitler's Daughter we intend to expose the hatred of anti-Semitism and educate individuals on how it can be stopped.

We want to unite people; we want to help people become righteous, we are The Righteous United.