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The Swedish M2M Service Enabler alliance welcomes two new members - Fridat and Vinnter

Press Release   •   Jun 14, 2013 03:09 EDT

Stockholm, June 14, 2013: Fridat and Vinnter join the Swedish M2M Service Enablers alliance. The alliance now includes 12 members and 5 sponsors. 

Swedish M2M Service Enablers was founded in March 2012 to educate the market of the importance of M2M Service Enablement, to promote Sweden as the place to look for M2M Service Enablement solutions and to promote the members of the alliance. The SMSE activities have been well received and the alliance is continuously growing in size and influence.

"Our M2M Service Enablement pitch has been presented at around 20 events and in numerous articles since we started our alliance", says Magnus Melander, CEO at B3 Connect Compute and founder of SMSE. "We are increasingly participating in international events and projects and have had delegations in Milan, Eindhoven and Rome over the last month", continues Mr Melander. 

The message promoted by SMSE is that M2M Service Enablement is the key to a prospering M2M industry and that Service Enablers need to be specialized in the increasingly competitive market. SMSE is engaged in bi-lateral and international collaborations with vendors, industry organizations and influencers. The next big event for SMSE is M2M For Real™ in Stockholm June 18.  

"M2M just enters its teens, shifting from connectivity focus to doing things", says Mr Melander. "Specialist Service Enablers are key to rapid and successful pilots and we will present eleven new inspiring real-life cases at the M2M For Real™ event on Tuesday". 

After the most recent expansion the alliance include twelve members and five sponsors: 

Sponsors of Swedish M2M Service Enablers: 

Swedish M2M Services Enablers (SMSE) is a joint activity between a number of Swedish companies active in M2M Services Enablement. The purpose is to educate the market on the needs of robust, scalable and innovative M2M Services Enablement solutions, to promote Sweden as a rich source of such solutions and to promote the participating companies internationally vis-à-vis potential customers, partners, influencers and investors. For more information please visit www.swedishm2m.se or contact Magnus Melander, magnus.melander@b3it.se or +46 70 230 72 51.