The Voice of Mobile with Host Jack Warren

The Voice of Mobile wih Host Jack Warren live and now archived

Press Release   •   Feb 16, 2010 19:56 EST

The Voice of Mobile with host Jack Warren officially launched on February 15, 2010 via broadcast from the wsRadio studios in San Diego, California, and is rapidly positioning as the ‘source’ for education and information for the Mobile industry.  The show delivers a unique and cutting edge product in holding to the highest standards for quality, educational content, while providing unique and multi-powered metrics where truly Internet Talk Radio and Mobile Marketing come together to produce the most targeted and measured audiences in the world.

wsRadio now in its 9th year, holds the distinguished title as ‘The Worldwide Leader in Internet Talk’ and has grown to over 120 shows with 75 of those shows airing weekly to a global listener following of over 3 million people and 82,966 website links (source: with global live streaming distribution and podcasts delivered to iTunes. wsradio is now fully television broadcast enabled on site at their San Diego headquarters, and is looking forward to leading Internet Talk Radio onto the radios of automobiles worldwide by Q4 2010.

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The Voice of Mobile with host Jack Warren, Internet Talk Radio's new show catering to the mobile industry, provides rich educational content drawn from a broad spectrum of industry experts to deliver relevant B2B updates and data regarding how mobile is changing the face of living, giving and communicating, as we find ourselves all aboard the 'fast moving train' that is mobile technology and applications.