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The Worldwide Medical Market Forecasts 2018: MarketResearchReports.Biz

Press Release   •   Nov 28, 2016 06:10 EST

This analysis report – The Worldwide Medical Market Forecasts to 2018 (published August 2013) – is an essential resource for business forecasters, marketing planners, the investment community and anyone looking to understand the future outlook for the dynamic medical device and equipment industry. With this report you have instant access to thousands of market projections and rankings to inform and direct your future operations.

You benefit from:

Growth forecasts to 2018 for 67 key country markets

Comparative data on a regional and global basis

Rankings by indicators allowing ‘at a glance’ benchmarking of countries

Detailed information on each market

PDF delivery with a complementary interactive data tool

Easily exported data and graphs to enhance your business plans

The report, compiled by Espicom’s medical market experts with 30 years’ experience in the industry, provides you with global, regional and national views on the worldwide medical market to reveal key insights into the future outlook.

The report contains:

A global overview of key rankings

Five regional sections allowing comparative assessment of countries within a geographic region: • Americas • Asia/Pacific • Central/Eastern Europe • Middle East/Africa • Western Europe

Individual country markets providing detail and forecasts at a national level

56 key product areas forecasted globally, regionally and by country

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The report contains a range of rankings by key economic and market indicators listed globally and by region and country, allowing you to benchmark and cross reference by key statistics:

World summary: total medical equipment market by category US$ millions)

World summary: total medical equipment market per capita by category (US$)

World summary: total medical equipment market by category (% of total)

World summary: total medical equipment market by category (% change over previous year)

Global medical equipment market by category, 2013 (%)

Global market by region, 2009-2018 (US$ million)

Global market per capita by region, 2009-2018 (US$)

Global market by region, 2009-2018 (% of total)

Global market by region, 2009-2018 (% change over previous year)

Regional market by category, 2009-2018 (US$ million)

Population by country, 2009-2018 (million)

% Population aged 65+ by country, 2009-2018

GDP by country, 2009-2018 (US$ billion)

GDP per capita by country, 2009-2018 (US$)

Total health expenditure by country 2009-2018 (US$bn)

Total medical equipment market by country, 2009-2018 (US$million)

Total medical equipment market per capita by country, 2009-2018 (US$)

The report gives you the following data for 2009-2018, covering each country market individually, allowing you to compare and contrast performance and prospects:

Basic economic and demographic data

Medical Device Market by category (US$ millions)

Medical Device Market by category per capita (US$)

Medical Device Market by category (% of total)

Statistics and ranking tables for leading medical product areas

The report provides forecasts for 56 key categories (including specific high value sectors) identifying:

Sector by country, 2009-2018 (US$ millions)

Sector per capita by country 2009-2018 (US$)


Bandages & dressings

Medical dressings (adhesive)

Medical dressings (non-adhesive)

Suturing materials

Syringes, needles & catheters

Syringes (with/without needles)

Tubular metal needles/needles

for sutures

Other needles, catheters,

cannulae etc

Other consumables

Blood-grouping reagents

First-aid boxes & kits

Ostomy products

Surgical gloves

Orthopaedics & Prosthetics

Fixation devices

Artificial joints

Other artificial body parts

Diagnostic Imaging

Electrodiagnostic apparatus




Scintigraphic apparatus

Other electrodiagnostic apparatus

Radiation apparatus

CT scanners

Other medical x-ray apparatus

A, B, C ray apparatus

Imaging parts & accessories

Contrast media

Medical x-ray film (flat)

Medical x-ray film (rolled)

X-ray tubes

Other imaging parts & accessories

Patient Aids

Portable aids

Hearing aids


Other portable aids

Therapeutic appliances

Mechano-therapy apparatus

Therapeutic respiration apparatus

Dental Products

Capital equipment

Dental drills

Dental chairs

Dental x-ray

Instruments & supplies

Dental cements

Dental instruments

Teeth & other fittings

Artificial teeth

Other dental fittings



Wheelchairs, not mechanically


Wheelchairs, mechanically


Ophthalmic instruments

Hospital furniture

Medical, surgical sterilisers

Ultra-violet or infra-red ray apparatus

Other instruments & appliances

The new edition of The World Medical Markets Fact Book (published August 2013) brings together a range of often difficult to source business information in one single, convenient and comprehensive publication.

The Fact Book provides:

Key economic, demographic and health statistics on 67 markets around the world

Five years of historical data for markets, GDP & healthcare spending, demographics and healthcare statistics

World/regional overviews plus statistics on individual countries

Over 500 tables and charts delivered in a single PDF report

PLUS an additional interactive data tool included in the price, where you can segment, compare and export the data in any way that you wish, to suit your information needs