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Thera CoQ10 Gets a Price Decrease at The Vitamin Mineral Shop LLC

Press release   •   Mar 02, 2012 15:44 EST

Clinton Township, Michigan -- The Vitamin Mineral Shop is happy to announce the Thera CoQ10 has a price drop in both the 50 count bottle and the 100 count bottle sizes. The 50 count bottle was reduced from $39.90 to $21.90. The 100 count bottle was reduced from $75.90 to $39.90.

The Vitamin Mineral Shop web site has already been updated and tested for this price drop.  Current and future customers do not need to do anything new or different to get the reduced price.

Therapeutic Coenzyme Q10 (also known as CoQ10 and Ubiquinone) is a vitamin-like, oil-soluble nutritional factor that is located primarily in mitochondria, the cell's power producers in the human body. Their function is converting energy into forms that are usable by the cell. CoQ10 plays such a crucial role in energy production that 95% of the body's energy supply is generated this way.

To assure optimum daily dietary intake of this beneficial nutrient, each Vitamin Power Thera CoQ10 softgel capsule supplies 120 mg of pure Coenzyme Q10 in a natural base containing rice bran oil plus natural Vitamin E (from mixed tocopherols).

"Vitamin Power has reduced the price of the Thera CoQ10 product to us, and we are passing the new price on to our customers. It is refreshing to offer a great product at a lower price." said Wayne McDonald, Director of the Vitamin Mineral Shop.

The Vitamin Mineral Shop offers the complete Vitamin Power line of products.  To learn more about the Thera CoQ10 product, visit:

Wayne McDonald is ongoingly creating the Vitamin Mineral Shop LLC and Imagine Something Worthy LLC.  He is a former Chrysler employee, current real estate investor, and a member of the local Internet Marketing Club.  He is using what he is learning at the local Internet Marketing Club to build sites for himself and others.  He is continuing to construct and market an online vitamin store, a real estate site for himself and fellow investors, and new Internet marketing affiliate sites.

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