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Thin Blue Line Investigations LLC Explains Common Threats for Corporate Security

Press Release   •   Dec 24, 2013 15:26 EST

Protective Services company Thin Blue Line Investigations LLC, released a post on their official blog Private Eye: addressing the common practices that employees use that present a risk for their companies.

“When thinking and discussing about corporate security menaces, most people may think of terrorism or espionage, but no one has in mind that employees actually put companies at risk with some of their everyday activities.” A Thin Blue Line Investigations representative commented on their latest post.

Some of the main issues in this article include porn surfing, personal devices used during work hours and premises and infected e-mails; among the worst threats for any company, and all of them should be addressed when trying to identify and diminish risks.

This post available on gives useful recommendations, such as mobile device management and passwords, as main measures that can be taken by companies trying to reinforce their security and how to prevent malware from attacking their internal servers when their workers use tablets, mobiles and laptops in the office.

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The article provides data on the percentage represented by most common threats and what can be done to prevent such risks, as well as pointing who are some of the persons inside any company, responsible for them.  Private Security Contractors can also be a big part of the solution and the detection process of these risks.

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