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Thule Adventure Team World Champions Once Again!

Press Release   •   Dec 09, 2013 15:55 EST

After 7 days– Thule Adventure Team crossed the finish line as Winners in one of the hardest Adventure Racing World Championships ever.  This is the second time Thule Adventure Team wins the title. Last time was 2011.

Jacky Boisset and Mimi Guillot from France, Stuart Lynch from New Zealand and Albert Roca from Spain has been racing together through jungle, paddling in whitewater rivers, climbed challenging mountains, trekked in mud up to their chests in tough mangrove swamps during an entire week with only a few hours of sleep.

The 2013 World Championships in Costa Rica was even tougher than expected and many teams had to withdraw during the race. Thule Adventure Team managed to conquer all the challenges thanks to a successful team strategy and excellent navigation by Jacky and Stuart. During the almost seven days, the team has only stopped for about 8 hours to sleep, but in combination with micro naps during paddling sections they lost less time compared the teams who stopped for several hours to sleep. 

When starting on the second last section of the race, Thule Adventure Team was seven hours ahead of the second team, Columbia Vidaraid from Spain who still haven’t finished the race.

"Jacky, Mimi, Stuart and Albert has done an immense race in Costa Rica. They won thanks to their incredible team work and a successful strategy in anticipating each challenge of this race. They have prepared themselves in the best possible way, both physically and mentally with a the strategy for the most evident aspects of the race, sleep, nutrition, to get sufficient drinking water and to prevent infections and blisters as much as possible. “ - says Martin Flinta, Thule Adventure Team Captain.

Stuart and Albert has done an excellent job as stand-ins for Martin, who had to stay home due to an infection caught during the Ironman and X Terra races on Hawaii a few weeks ago, and for Per Vestling, who's taken a year off from racing.

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