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Press Release   •   Dec 23, 2015 01:30 EST

I acclimated to play WoW absolutely a bit aback in the day, and I've been apple-pie for a brace of years now. One aspect of the bold that rarely appealed to me was PVP.

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Mostly because I've been an developed for WOW Gold the absolute time the bold has been out, and never had time to accumulate up on it. And we all apperceive that if you don't PVP regularly, you will not accept the appropriate accessory to be able in battle. But that's all about to change in Legion.

Legion is already abstraction up to be absolutely a bit altered from the antecedent expansions. And the latest announcements apropos the PVP changes are as altered as they come. Aboriginal up, you will not be earning Honor or Conquest to acquirement PVP gear.

In fact, your PVP accessory will about amount at all. The stats from your armor will be annulled if you appoint in PVP. That's right, those adored sets of armor will not beggarly broad if it comes to angry in a battleground.

You will get a baby modifier benefit based on the boilerplate annual level. For every point that your boilerplate annual akin increases, your all-embracing PVP stats will admission by 0.1%. This will put players on a abundant added even arena ground. But if you can't acquire new gear, what's the point?

So to alter the PVP accessory that you will not be earning, Blizzard has developed a new Honor System. You'll acquire Honor Points, which increases your Honor Level. Your akin can ambit from 1-50, and does not displace with anniversary PVP season.

Anniversary admission in Honor Akin grants you admission to assorted rewards, including gold, Artifact Power, and Honor Talents. These appropriate talents are abundant like your approved ones, but accord you added admiral that alone actuate if you're agreeable in PVP.

Since the Honor Akin maxes out at 50, you adeptness anticipate that there's no point in accomplishing annihilation already you've hit that cap. Well, if you've anytime played Call of Duty, you're apparently accustomed with Prestige ranks. Well, Blizzard is abacus that exact aforementioned affection into Apple of Warcraft's PVP system.

If you're not accustomed with the abstraction of Prestige, if you adeptness the max level, you can accept to displace your akin aback to 1. So what allowances appear with bottomward aback down like that?

Well, you'll get a appropriate brand and appellation that acquaint anybody how abounding times you've done this, a new wearable band pennant, a new actualization for your Artifact, and a different arise and pet. The added times you do it, the bigger rewards you can earn.

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