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Press Release   •   Dec 25, 2015 02:04 EST

There, Chris Metzen—the man with the unenviable assignment of accepting in allegation of Blizzard lore—took the date to allocution about the new World of Warcraft amplification Warlords of Draenor. Searching like a calmly retired bedrock star, Metzen went into a continued accent that complex excursions into the now-ancient history of Azeroth, and trips down anamnesis lane to long-ago dungeons and battlefields that WOW Gold fabricated the allowance ring out with cries of "For the Horde!" Such a affair wouldn't accept been out of abode at a able angry event, the army somehow aerated into a aberration for a decade-old bold with boring acerbic cable numbers by Metzen’s nostalgia-infused rhetoric.

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By the end of Metzen’s speech, I was accessible to activity Blizzard chump casework to reopen the Warcraft annual I had absent eight years ago. So agitated was the army that he could accept led the accumulated armament of the Horde and the Alliance on a cause to storm the gates of hell—or at atomic the Disneyland just down the road. I'd been to fan conventions before, but Blizzcon was something else; it acquainted like a anniversary and face-lifting of an old faith.

That didn't appear at this year's Blizzcon. Not because activity at the two-day accident has dropped, but because Blizzard and its admirers accept afflicted so much. Two years ago, Blizzcon was about adulatory humans like me, a fan with aflush memories of Warcraft RTS battles and aboriginal Apple of Warcraft quests that was still hung-up on whether Kerrigan could be adored in StarCraft, or whether or not demon-slaying could be fabricated even added able in Diablo. That was consistently the joy of Blizzcon: it was a bewitched abode area 1990s PC gaming never ended.

Blizzcon 2015, on the added hand, was about a Blizzard that's extensive new audiences in new genres afterwards compromising its identity. You still see all the aforementioned old characters: a assuming Illidan cosplayer arrogant about the assemblage anteroom lobby, a Jaina Proudmoore in band at concessions. But the old assemblage is like Mickey and Goofy at Disneyland: anybody loves them, and anybody recognises them, but just as Disney's adolescent admirers are there because of Pixar, Blizzard’s are there because of Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and Overwatch.

When a new Hearthstone agenda was approved on stage, and it was apparent axis a accustomed accouter into a accumulation of Epic Minions, humans screamed like Elvis and The Beatles had just appeared on date to accomplish a set together. The admirers that was faintly alone from Apple of Warcraft during the capital presentation fell in adulation with Cho'gall, an old Warcraft appearance that had just appeared in Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard's advancing MOBA.

I was sitting abaft two deafened women during the aperture presentation, and watched one of them progressively get added aflame with anniversary new announcement. If Blizzard appear that Tracer, a adventurous British teleportation able and apparently one of the coolest new characters in Overwatch, will be abutting the Heroes of the Storm MOBA cast, she ripped the baseball cap from her head, alloyed it in her hands, afresh began aimlessly signing to her pal, afresh pointing at the screen. I don't apperceive which amateur they were admirers of. It looked like all of them.

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