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Press release   •   Sep 08, 2016 04:04 EDT

Hey adventurers! Great news! Neverwinter has released a solo queue for PvP. Currently, this event is only available for PC Neverwinter. If it works well, the other platforms will get it soon possibly. If you want to test it, buy neverwinter astral diamonds from Safewow and try it on Sep. 8.

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Solo-queued players battled a pre-made party before

Indeed, it is for a long time that Neverwinter players complain the unfair match-ups where the solo-queued players would battle a pre-made party and always gain less than favorable results.

A PvP solo queue will be introduced in Neverwinter

Finally, it is settled down, a solo queue for PvP has been introduced in Neverwinter, which allows level 70 adventures to queue for Domination without needing to worry about pre-made groups. Certainly, only those who queue alone can join these solo matches.

The PvP Solo Queue will only run from Sep. 8 to 15 on PC

The PvP solo queue is still in the test, and it only runs from Sep. 8 to Sep. 15, 2016. During this time, it is focused to collect data from matches and determine the next steps. If you want to experience the solo queue, seize the chance and give your relevant suggestions!

Suggestion: 3 types of queues should be in Neverwinter

There is no doubt that the solo queue event is a breakthrough for Neverwinter match-ups. But it would be better to introduce three types of queues. Players who queue alone can match up as the solo queue sets. Besides, players can queue together if less than 4 players and pre-made 5 on 5. It would be hard to come true maybe, but it should be perfect for queue system.

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