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Press Release   •   Jan 09, 2016 03:13 EST

This week is double refinement point event in xbox neverwinter, which is always the best time to refine artifact weapons. However, as Refining Artifact Weapons will always be refined at double the rate when Underdark comes on Feb. 9, it leads to a concern whether it is worth upgrading artifact or if it is better just waiting for Underdark.

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The Double RP event has been now running on Neverwinter Xbox from January 7 to January 11, alongside which is the 15 percent off sale in the refinement category. Theoretically, xbox players should take advantage of these few days to upgrade their artifact weapons. However, as there will be always double rate of refinement for refining Artifact Weapons into Artifact Equipment, some people have been worrying whether they should upgrade artifact weapon/offhand during the Double RP or just wait for underdark.
Given this concern, someone suggested to upgrade it to blue (rare) quality but not more since Underdark will bring some suitable weapons for OPs (recovery and ap gain). And there was another saying told that it's worth upgrading your neck/belt but not your MH/OH if it's not already legendary. As far as safewow is concerned, it depends a bit on what your class is and how useful the elemental set bonus is in your case. For example, the Twisted set is not necessarily the best for all classes/builds. Thus, just decide based on your need. But no matter when you choose to upgrade your weapons, the following tips may be helpful.
How to refine artifact weapon in Neverwinter?

Basically, you can upgrade your weapon by other dropped weapons and armor, or buy items from the auction house to use for refinement and speed up the process of upgrading Dragon Artifact weapon. However, if the equipment is below level 70, it can’t be used to upgrade an artifact. In that case, a recommended tip is to salvage your items for neverwinter astral diamonds and use them to buy resonance refinement stones from the AH. However, if you are upgrading artifacts which are not equipment’s, use enchantment stones instead. Get 99 rank 4 enchantment stones from AH and use them to level up the artifact.

Grasp the chance if you want to upgrade your weapon during the 2x RP. BTW, Underdark is not far off as it will hit xbox on February 9. Either to buy refinement stones or to prepare for Underdark, you can buy neverwinter astral diamonds on xbox at safewow and enjoy 10% discount code “NWXBOX”!

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