Tips to Make Neverwinter Astral Diamonds Xbox One Fast

Press Release   •   Dec 23, 2015 01:30 EST

Astral Diamonds are important for all neverwinter players. However, the in-game economy situation is hardly optimistic. What makes thing worse is that when PC players got +50% Astral Diamonds for quests doing with Underdark, there is still not any improvement on Xbox one. So how can xbox players make money for in-game need? Safewow is providing some tips to help you make AD fast regardless the cap.

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Get benefits from trading neverwinter in-game items

Quite a stereotype, but it works well if you handle in a right way. Sell everything you get in the lockboxes unless you really need it. It’s not hard to make an extra 10-20k/day just from the lockboxes. For example, sell unified elements, yeti treats, refinement if you don’t really need. Then, when you know further about the market and have around 70k AD spare, begin to target at those items that were listed at a low starting bid and a high buyout. These items always attract lots of bids but no buyouts. Find a chance to buy them at a fire-sale price, and then sell out at a more sensible buyout price to earn benefits. Welcomed items will always be out bided, so make sure what you find are overlooked items that not desirable to all but still sell fast.
Buy VIP and farm neverwinter astral diamonds from quests

If you are bored of using the financial tactics, you can also farm Neverwinter Astral Diamonds Xbox One fast from doing quests. If you have hit level 70, you can enter into Sharandar, Dread Ring and Icewind Dale, each of them offers a weekly quest that rewards rough AD. And do the Tyranny of Dragons campaign until you unlock the Portal of Tuern, which is another weekly with AD rewards. Also the T1 and T2 dungeons can be unlocked at level 70. Just salvage the equipment in the chest for diamonds, there is no limit on times so repeat it as long as you have an epic dungeon key. That also brings me to this point: buy VIP. Buying VIP not only grants you a daily enchanted key, but also gives you extra dungeon keys and even substantial discounts on Wondrous Bazaar process.

If you are eager for more astral diamonds, just try the above tips, and further fixes would be granted when Uderdark comes to xbox in the early 2016. Of course, if don’t have much time to farm AD by your own, or just need more AD for urgent need, you can buy neverwinter astral diamonds xbox one fast on Safewow and enjoy up to $10 free cash coupons starting from Dec 23!

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