Tips to Update AuctionDB wow gold with “Full Scan” When WOW API is Down

Press release   •   Feb 17, 2017 01:46 EST

Hey, everybody! WOW server status is down, as well as mobile armory. We all know that players cannot access the Auction in WOW mobile armory for a couple days. Now WOW world server down as well. But you can still use the "Full Scan" to scan the AuctionDB and update current prices on your server.

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WOW server status is down today

Are you able to get into WOW? Many players reported that they cannot get into WOW official website and forum, even fail to connect WOW world server down does not happen to a certain player, but every WOW players. So don’t worry about that.

Before WOW world server goes down, players have been suffering a lot from WOW mobile armory down. Honestly, it has been down for a couple days. Currently it is under maintenance with no ETA as of yet.

How to update the AuctionDB when API is down

While WOW mobile armory API is down, you can still use the "Full Scan" old school method in the AuctionDB tab to update current prices on your server. If you don’t think that some groups need to update, you can unselect them and speed up the scan greatly. Here are some limitations as below:

1. It won't update any of the fancy TSM Desktop App price sources. If you need bare bones current server prices, it would be useful for you.

2. Stuff like DE scans, Vendor scans, Great Deals, really anything beyond the most simple of dbmarket pricing won't be available until the API returns.

Mobile armory has been down almost 2 days. There is still no any explanation from Blizzard, but the response to keep waiting. Full Scan isn't perfect, but it is the only thing that we can do. So we hope this is helpful for you.

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