Top new Year wow gold deal:Legion Alpha Back with New Content and More Invites

Press Release   •   Jan 15, 2016 02:54 EST

After nearly a month’ relaxation, the World of Warcraft team finally brought back the Legion alpha test this Wednesday. It is worth mentioning that this time, more players have been invited to check in the expansion for what the new build offers. Yes, your heard right players, there are new available contents like the new Val’Sharah zone, new Darkheart Thicket dungeon and more.

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Series of new contents opened in Legion Alpha

So, as you see, Legion alpha test has been back to allow players continue exploring in the upcoming expansion. Along with the gnomish engineers and all previous contents, there are also some new updates in this running test, including the new Val’Sharah zone, the new Darkheart Thicket dungeon(5 man dungeon), The Shaman Order Hall, the new Demon Hunter Vengeance (tank) spec, and the raid boss Ursoc. If you're already in the alpha, you can log in and enjoy the new build now . If you haven’t joined in but received an invite, you can visit the World of Warcraft official site for the steps to get started.
This phase of legion alpha gave more invites

It is always a pity when a professional gamer who has been playing the game for ten years but never get the chance to help find bugs for upcoming expansion. Though Blizzard mainly choose top-rank raiders to join in tests, things get better in this phase of legion alpha, which gave more invites than before. According to players’ discussion on reddit, many players, especially Mythic 13/13 Raiders that cannot access to the previous one now get the invites. Don’t get me wrong, there are assumptions that anyone who is 13/13 Mythic got an invite, but it is not the case. As many 13/13 Mythic raiders cannot enter the test, it is sure there HAS to be other components in play. Maybe by comparing any other metrics, maybe active raiders get higher priority...we can get a better understanding, but people who has 13/13 have a higher chance of getting access to alpha. So just aiming at this goal next time if you want to get a chance.

It is good that testers can now log in the alpha and enjoy new contents. However, those who haven’t got the qualification can still expect for up-to-date information as there is no NDA (non-disclosure agreement) for the test. And you can also stay tuned on safewow, where you can get latest wow news as well as cheapest wow gold, mounts or other products!

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