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Toronto band 22HERTZ debuts with "Detonate"

Press Release   •   Feb 10, 2017 14:02 EST

Los Angeles, CA - February 10, 2017 -- The industrial music landscape will never be the same. 22HERTZ, the brainchild of independent musician and songwriter Ralf Muller has crash-landed onto the Toronto music scene, making a tidal wave-like splash with his debut album, Detonate. Inspired by legends such as Nine Inch Nails and Steve Vai, he paints with a wide, noisy, yet captivating brush, creating songs capable of abrasiveness and beauty at the same time.

Originally released in summer 2013, Detonate hit the Canadian music scene with an immediate impact, as listeners flocked to 22HERTZ’s social media pages by the thousand. While drawing the clearer comparisons to Nine Inch Nails, Muller continues to keep the listener guessing throughout the 10-track album with a variety of infectious rhythms, crunchy guitar distortions and memorable hooks.

Music blogs quickly took notice, with Fabryka Music Magazine saying "Not only does Detonate offer high quality production but also catchy and dark themes, edgy guitar riffage and industrial distortions. The vocals, drums and sampling are accented in the majority of compositions, while instruments such as guitars, piano and bass have been used to enrich the arrangements."

While Detonate was written, recorded and mixed all by Muller in his home studio, 22HERTZ has begun hitting stages in Toronto to take the visceral and intense experience to the next level. Featuring some of the area’s best session musicians with Muller leading the way, the next chapter has only just begun. With plans for music videos, more live performances and a follow-up album, this is just the beginning.

Detonate is available for purchase via iTunes now, with CDs featuring an exclusive bonus track also up for sale on the 22HERTZ website. Join the more than 270,000 followers on Facebook to stay up dated on all of the latest news, shows, music and press.

22HERTZ was founded in Montreal by Ralf Muller in 2010 after the disbanding of his heavy metal band, Point Blank. As a talented multi-instrumentalist and versatile songwriter, Muller first caught industrial fan’s attention with his self-produced free 5-song EP, Is This Real. 


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